Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Boston Cream Pie!

It was a big deal for my new K kid to make his start of school dessert. Last year, we made Apple Pie for the first day of school. This year, because of Pre-School kid's dental appointment our start of school looked a little different. It's the 2nd week...and we made Boston Cream Pie for Letter 'B' and for Boston, MA!

We cheated a little here and used a Yellow Cake Mix. K kid still got to lick the beater all by himself...so he's happy.

We used Vanilla Pudding (with Pie filling directions) for the filling.

The only thing we made from scratch was the chocolate glaze. We melted 3 oz of chocolate chips over a low heat with 2 T. of butter. (This was a math problem...the recipe called for 3 oz of chocolate...but I only had chips...on the back of the bag, I found that 15 chips equals 1/2 oz...and after K kid counting chocolate chips we found that 1 oz = 30 chips = 1 T) When it was thoroughly melted, we took the pan off of the heat and added 1/4 cup milk. (If I'd had cream, this would have been thicker.) Then we stirred in 1/2 c. powdered sugar. I let it cool a bit but it was still thin. We poured it over the top. HEAVEN in a cake! And look at this happy kid. He's so proud to be in Kindergarten.

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